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Application Process:

  1. First, browse our current directory of open positions. After searching jobs and reading the job summary, click on the link at the bottom of the job description page that says, "Click Here to Apply".

    [Note: A separate window will open. If you are using pop-up blocker software, you will need to either deactivate the software beforehand to allow pop-ups on, or CNTRL click on the "Click Here to Apply Online" link at the bottom of the job description.]

  2. If this if your first time using the online application, click on the link that says, "First Time Applying." This will bring you to the registration screen. Entering your information will allow you to save your application and submit additional applications for other positions. Complete all of the required fields and make sure you write down your user name and password for future reference.

  3. If you have previously applied for a LifeBridge Health position, click on the appropriate link based on when you applied. If you applied after January 31, 2006, log in by entering your user name and password previously created. You will have the opportunity to update your profile; or if there are no changes, click "Continue" and then select the "Complete the Application" button.

    [Note: If you are reapplying for the same or a new position, please be sure to edit your cover letter at this time.]

  4. Then, fill out the online application. Be sure to complete all required information marked by a red asterisk and include a detailed job history. When you reach the cover letter and resume section: If you have a cover letter and/or resume, follow the directions on the page to copy and paste the information into the large text areas. You will not need to attach your resume as a separate file.

    Continue to complete the application. When you reach the Read and Sign section, carefully read the agreement and electronically sign the application in the indicated areas by typing in your name. Click "Submit."

  5. After clicking the submit button you will see an "Employment Information" screen that lists the application steps. Click "I agree" at the bottom of the page to continue the application process.

  6. The next screen to display is the "Consumer Rights Notification." Click "Continue" at the bottom of page.

  7. Next, you will see the "Consumer Report Disclosure and Release" screen. Complete the required fields at the bottom of the page and click "Submit."

  8. The "Application Summary" displays next. Answer the five questions and add any comments, if applicable. Click "Continue."

  9. The last screen to display is the request for data required for EEO/Affirmative Action Plan reporting. This is a voluntary form. Answer the questions or select "I choose not to answer" and click "Submit." Important: You only need to click the submit button one time! Clicking this button more than once may result in an error.

  10. After clicking the submit button, you will see a "Thank You" message that confirms your application has been submitted.

  11. After submitting the online application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address that you specify when you fill out the application. This e-mail confirmation is sent to let you know that we have received your application. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL. The e-mail address is automatically generated by the database and does not go to anyone. If you have received the confirmation e-mail, please be assured that we have received your application and will be reviewing it shortly. Please do not contact us regarding the status of your application. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we do not call every applicant. You will be contacted directly by a recruiter if you are selected for an interview.


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